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              Is there a big gap between domestic vertical injection molding machines and imported vertical injection molding machines?


              It is undeniable that the reputation of the vertical injection molding machine of the domestic brand must be relatively poor, which must be faced, and the word of mouth cannot be established in a short time. For example, Japan's Nissei and Taiwan's Jinji are imported brands that are used more frequently in China. Their machines are characterized by their high price, durability, and few failures and minor defects.
              In fact, the main parts of domestic vertical injection molding machines are basically selected Japanese brands. For example, the control system of vertical injection molding machines is generally selected by Mitsubishi or Panasonic. Their programming control system has high maturity, high precision and easy operation. , Occupies a large share in the market, and most of the programming systems of imported vertical injection molding machines are from these two brands. So in terms of operation and control accuracy, the gap is not big.
              In terms of accessories, the various accessories of the injection molding machine are actually not difficult, and do not require such a high production process, such as common screws, bases, cylinders, cylinders, and hoppers. Many of these mold factories can process and produce, so the gap here is not very big.
              The main difference is here. Worn parts or worn parts such as motors, hydraulic cylinders, and pressure cylinders are the most prone to problems. Many customers don’t know that the minor problems with wearing parts are due to poor maintenance. The result is not the brand department. The imported Japanese brand itself has a variety of pressure cylinders that are very sophisticated and expensive. The hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders commonly used in mechanical fixtures are the best in Japan. Single cylinder The price of 3000-5000 is considered the cheapest. Most domestic brands choose domestic hydraulic cylinder accessories for their worn-out parts because of their low prices.
              Some manufacturers who have been doing vertical injection molding machines for a long time basically control the quality of their products very well, and even if there are problems, they will provide after-sales service, so in fact, the gap is not very big, it depends on you How to choose.
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