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              Four indispensable systems for injection molding machine operation


              Injection machine is a kind of production machine widely used in industry, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. The production technology of injection molding machines in my country is very mature. Injection molding machines are composed of multiple parts. So what are the important components? Feng Tiejun takes you to understand the four major components of an injection molding machine, namely the injection system, the clamping system, the hydraulic system and the electrical control system. The four major components of the injection molding machine have their own characteristics and functions, let's take a look at the analysis.
              (1) Injection system
              In the injection molding machine, the injection system can be said to be the most important part. The injection system includes plasticized parts, injection seat, hydraulic motor, seat shift cylinder, and injection cylinder. The plasticized parts include screw, screw head, nozzle, etc.
              (2) Mold clamping system
              The main function of the clamping system is to ensure the closing and opening of the injection machine mold and the ejection of the product. The mold clamping system includes a mold clamping device, a mold adjustment device and an ejection device.
              (3) Hydraulic system
              The main function of the hydraulic system is to provide the required power for the injection molding machine to meet the various actions that the injection molding machine needs to achieve during the entire process. It is important that the hydraulic system also meets the pressure, speed, temperature and other requirements of each part of the injection molding machine. The hydraulic system includes pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, accumulators, coolers, pipelines and other oil circuits.
              (4) Electrical control system
              The electrical control system and hydraulic system are reasonably coordinated to realize the process requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and various program actions of the injection machine. Mainly composed of electrical appliances, electronic components, meters, heaters, sensors, etc. There are generally four control modes, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, and adjustment.
              Of course, in addition to the above four components, the injection molding machine has other components, such as the control system. The control system includes action program control, barrel temperature control, hydraulic pump motor control, fault detection alarm control, and safety protection.
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